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Le soufflé farmhouse terrine, figs, mixed salad

1210,00 CFP

Cheese selection

1680,00 CFP

Serrano ham, pickles and goat cheese

2280,00 CFP

Smoke Salmon

2420,00 CFP

House-made duck liver terrine

3200,00 CFP

House gourmet plate

3620,00 CFP

Parisian salad, boiled eggs, ham, emmental cheese and olives

1650,00 CFP

Hot crispy goat cheese, serano ham, smoke duck, nuts, dried grape

1780,00 CFP

Lyonnaise salad, sauteed gizzards bacon, and poched egg

1820,00 CFP

Sautéed octopus and potatoes with garlic salad

1850,00 CFP

Creamy vegetable soup and puff pastry

990,00 CFP

Roasted coly-flower, virgo sauce, sesame and soup

1890,00 CFP

Sautéed cèpes and tofu with garlic and fresh herbs

2260,00 CFP

Pan fry tofu, virgo sauce, pecan nuts, arugula

1510,00 CFP

Benedict eggs, smoke salmon, tost and hollandaise sauce

1250,00 CFP

Raw thuna, apple, pan fry duck liver

2420,00 CFP

Snails raviolis, leeks and garlic cream

2450,00 CFP

Bbq ribs, french fries, salad

2980,00 CFP

Entrecôte rib-eye, french fries, salad

Pepper or blue cheese sauce 390 CFP

2980,00 CFP

Crispy frog legs with garlic and herbs

2980,00 CFP

Local roots risotto, beef tenderloin and duck sauce

3350,00 CFP

Beef tenderloin browned whith goat cheese truffle sauce

3390,00 CFP

Shredded duck confit with mashed potatoes and truffle crust

3210,00 CFP

Breast duck, withe pan fried foie gras, honey sauce and nuts

3420,00 CFP

Crispy rack of lamb and parsley sauce

4110,00 CFP

Classic tournedos with foie gras

Truffle sauce 4290 CFP

3990,00 CFP

Mahimahi meunière style

2850,00 CFP

Crispy seared tuna with provencal tomato sauce

2990,00 CFP

Roasted salmon, bearnaise or hollandaise sauce, garlic fries

3100,00 CFP

Daily fish panaché with pan fried foie gras and duck sauce

3480,00 CFP

Seared tuna steack with foie gras and truffle sauce

3590,00 CFP

House made vanilla from " taha'a " / " café richard " ice cream

1190,00 CFP

Chocolat or café liégeois

1210,00 CFP

Pastry of the day

1260,00 CFP

Profiteroles whith chocolat, nutella and salted caramel sauce

1390,00 CFP

Le soufflé well-know café gourmand

1490,00 CFP

Irish coffee

1380,00 CFP

Tomato soufflé, mozzarella cheese, pesto sauce

1870,00 CFP

Tofu soufflé, goat cheese and truffle tapenade

2390,00 CFP

Mahimahi, tuna soufflé with pesto and mazzarella cheese

1980,00 CFP

Ham soufflé, swiss cheese and mazzarella cheese

1990,00 CFP

Smoke salmon and local spinach soufflé

2150,00 CFP

Duck confit and cepes soufflé, cepes sauce

2350,00 CFP

Farmhouse soufflé, figs, nuts, duck, honey and blue cheese sauce

2380,00 CFP

Soufflé chèvre miel, tapenade de truffes

2690,00 CFP

Soufflé Liégeois : coffee, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream

1580,00 CFP

Vanilla and figs soufflé, salted caramel sauce

1590,00 CFP

Red berries soufflé

1590,00 CFP

Snickers soufflé, peanut, chocolate and salted caramel sauce

1600,00 CFP

Pistachio, nuts and " amaretto " soufflé and chocolate sauce

1590,00 CFP

Lemon soufflé and vanilla ice cream

1610,00 CFP

Banana soufflé nutella sauce

1660,00 CFP

Pralin hazelnut soufflé

1660,00 CFP